Some History

My name is Mike and I am a professional knife maker based on the outskirts of Sheffield on the edge of the Peak District National Park.

Back in 1971 I was fortunate to be offered an engineering apprenticeship at Firth Brown Tools in Sheffield. I studied forging, heat treatment, metallurgy and fitting bench work. Using basic hand tools we were taught how to make steel surfaces flat and square to a tolerance of ½ a thousandth of an inch (13um) using a calibrated surface plate, engineers blue, a hand file and lots of patience, great for developing hand to eye coordination.

For the next decade I worked for an engineering company who manufactured high speed rod mills capable of rolling steel at 80m/s (180 mph). At the same time I was studying Mechanical Engineering at Sheffield Polytechnic and it was during this time I decided to specialise in mechanical engineering design and moved into their drawing office.

I continued to work as a mechanical engineer, designing equipment and tools to join Polyethylene pipes and fittings together for the gas and water industries.

My final years as an employee were at an engineering company who design and manufacture bespoke test equipment for the defence, aviation and other industries.     


As I was approaching retirement I visited Kelham Island Museum with many superb exhibits showcasing the high quality of work produced by the Sheffield Cutlers of the day. I then started to look at the work produced by some of the Artisan makers in Sheffield and thought what better way to spend the twilight of my career rekindling some of the skills I had acquired.

For over 700 years Sheffield was world famous for producing high quality cutlery and to acknowledge the great achievements of the men and women working in the cutlery trades, becoming a knife maker just seemed so right. I would be making a product synonymous with Sheffield using world famous Sheffield steel, plus other premium steels from Germany and forged damascus steels from Japan to create one of a kind prestige kitchen knives, which with care will be used and enjoyed for generations to come.